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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 13, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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yang who along with other candidates was appearing at a gun violence forum in iowa. that is our broadcast for this monday night as we start a new week. thank you for here with us and good night. headquarters in new york. the trump administration drops back to back bombshells and activists are up in arms. one concerning legal immigrants, the other endangered species. this morning there is major blowback. plus what went wrong inside the jail as the investigation against jeffrey epstein turns to those who may have helped him. and protestors flood the hong kong airport forcing the international hub to cancel flights. we'll get a live report from there this morning. good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, august 13.
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we begin with what the attorney general is calling the w failur at the federal jail where sex offender jeffrey epstein was able to hang himself inside of his jail cell. one officiale briefed on the ce tells nbc news that epstein was not checked every 30 minutes as required, though it is unclear how long heis went without bein monitored. three prison officials with knowledge of the case told the "new york times" that one of the two people guarding epstein the night he took his life was not an official corrections officer. yesterday the attorney general technically theto chiefoli prisons pledged a thorough investigation. and now the case is shifting to anyone who may have helped epstein prey on young girls. >> let me assure you that this case will continue on defense anyone whoue was complicit with epstein, any co-conspirators should notrs rest easy.
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victims deserve be justice and they will get it. >> joining us here onset, danny cevallos. >> let's talk about any potential conspirators. the plea deal that epstein struck granted immunity to any who may have helped him. pretty astounding that he was able to a strike this deal in t first place. does that still happen apply at this point? >> nonprosecution agreements with pretty rare and granting immunity to all potential co-conspiracy ator co-conspirators, this agreement was jus startling. but the southern district of new york even weeks ago was taking the positionek that that agreemt did not bind the southern district of new york which was why they prosecute jeffrey epstein. so if other districts take the position that this nonprosecution agreement only
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covered a geographic area of florida, federal district of florida, and no awhere else, th these co-conspirators could be prosecuted on outside of the reach of that agreement. >> quick question for you about some of these individuals. but if they are not here in the united states, is it possible that the united states or any of the government agencies can bring them back and if so how likely of a cooperation would they get from some of our allies in europe? >> it is two questions. first is there a jurisdictional hook within the statute used by the federal government to reach someone'sre activity if it onlyn happened abroad. if it had some connection to the united states, then that is an easier case to make. once indicted the next question becomes can you tayou extradite person and that is governed by a number of differentne agreement with individual countries. some we have no agreements with, some we have very powerful
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relationships with. so the question becomes what is the crime that this person is being investigated for or arrested for orat charged with. and then how do you get them back here to the states. >> all right. stick around for us, we'll talk to you about the next story as well. >> the strud has trump administ unveiled a new rule that targets hundreds of notices of legal immigrants looking to remain in the u.s. and receive food stamps or taxpayer funded assistance. the move would require those applying for a change in their immigration status or seeking to enter the u.s. to prove they are unlikely to ever need the government's assistance. and it would also allow officials to bar those who received above certain amounts. take a listen. >> we certainly expect people of any income to be able to stand on their own two feet.
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and so if people are not able to be self-sufficient, then this negative factor is going to bear very heavily against them in a decision aboutm whether they wl be ablehe to become a legal permanent resident. and a poorer person can be prepared to beer self-sufficien. many have been through the history of this country. so let's not look at that as the beha all and end all. it is not the deciding factor which is why that we continue to use the t totality of circumstances test. >> meanwhile border is reportedly expected to use facial recognition technology. it will replace an existing tokene based security system which relies on verification 34e6 methodses such as passwords with a system that would use fingerprints and face scans tos identify people. cbp will begin testing the system thiseg month by scanning drivers' faces as they leave the
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u.s. asac a border crossing at e southern tip of texas. another astounding development yesterday. and so much to d talk about her. but undoubtedly this will be challenged in thedo courts. >> yeah, this is something that would be challenged in the courts. >> and what is the legal basis for that challenge, what would the case be made? >> the case -- what is your specific question in. >> what legal basis would somebody have to challenge this law, what would they argue this decision isey a violation of? >> possibly your civil liberties. technology outpacing the law. it happens all the time. we write laws and then things change and some drastic new development in technology comes around and we have to redefine our ideas of privacy and sensitivity to having our public image released. so this is the kind of thing that gets challenged and we sort of craft the new law by that
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challenge either by the l court or legislatures that figure out how to address the new technology. a >> all right. thanks. ll there is new information connected to the gunman who massacred nine in dayton. a long time friend of the shooter has told officials that the gunman came to his apartment to h assemble the weapon used i the shooting. ethan kollie also says that he bought body armor and equipment that was used by the attacker and that heby stored the accessories in his own home so that the o gunman's parents wouldn't find them. he is charged with two counts related to buying and possessing firearms including lying on federal forms. officials do not believe that kollie knew about the shooter's plan. r' let's move to 2020 politi here. mark sanford will travel to new hampshire today as hetr continu to mull a potential 2020 challenge to president trump. in an interview with the post cu courier, he said that he would be getting honest feedback about
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a possible political path forward. he did release a video yesterday warning of the, quote, financial storm coming our way if something doesn't change in washington. meanwhile on the democratic side, actual cis tulsi gabbard two i weeks off to actual fill r duty in the national guard. and while her run is on pause, joe biden racked up yet another endorsement, former new hampshire congressman and ambassador to denmark dick sweat backed biden yesterday saying that he has the, quote, long standing experience and dedication of a lifetime. joining us now from washington, d.c., congressional reporter for politico, andrew, great to have you with us. let's talk about what kind of republican primary threat mark sanford really could pose for trump's re-election chances. he is someone who could possibly
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get traction, are we going back to that 2016 debate of establishment republicans versus trump? >> the shorshort answer is no. donald trump enjoys 85% support among republican primary voters in the most recent polls. second thing on the table is the fact that it is historically extremely difficult to knock off an incumbent president in a primary like this. so to say it is unlikely would be an understatement. with all that on the table, i think it is worth noting that mark sanford's run or his potential run here would be an attempt to highlight conservative priorities that have been sort of abandoned during the trump presidency. chief among them is of course debt and deficit, fiscal conservatism, you will recall the president just signed into a law ain massive budget deal whi increases deficits by around $300 billion over the next two years. that is something that conservatives would have been a gasht under the obama presidency
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and that is something mark sanford planned parenthos to hi. >> what kind of responses are you hearing so far about the new pushhe on legal immigrants? >> this would be a good time for republicans and democrats to be actually heremo in washington a not back in their home states and districts on the august recess. and i'll telling you why. last year when the senate had its big week long immigration debate, they voted on four separa pieces of legislation one of which included theetsz cse cuts we're talking about here that the administration rolled out yesterday. that piece ofon legislation onl got 35 votes. so around 20 republican or so did not vote forep that piece o legislation mostlyec because of thele cuts to legal immigration that were included within it. so it will be interesting to hear what those republicans have
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to say w about the new rule chae today especially given that just a year ago so many of them did not support the president's plan. 35 votes in the senate is well short of the 60 you need to pass any sort of legislation. >> all right. andrew, we'll talk to you again in a bit th. still ahead, a review of the most eleeite forces. and momentum could be building for a> new assault weapons ban. johnson & johnson is a baby company.
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welcome back. head of the united states special operations command has ordered a comprehensive review of the culture and ethics, it follows a string of high profile scandals involving members of the special forces community. last month an entire platoon of s.e.a.l.s was withdrawn from iraq for drinking amid an
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allegation that one member sexual assaulted a female service member while other members helped cover it up. the new review will focus on recruiting, leadership, education and how ethical failures are addressed. a raiders wide receiver antonio brown lost his grievance against the nfl over wearing a legal met n helmet not approved by the league. he must wear an approved held pretty or remain on the sideline. he was among 32 who wore nonapproved helmets last season. he reportedly said that he would not play if not allowed to wear his on old helmet, but he signaled yesterday that while he disagrees with the decision, he's looking forward to rejoining his team mates. according to espn, it is considered unlikely that brown will appeal the decision. a check of your weather now with bill karins. good morning.
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umbrella day for millions of people. yesterday's beautiful weather is gone in the northeast. the humidity has returned. we will see areas of rain. but the severe threat is mostly going to be a little further to the south, more in the d.c. to richmond area. we have heavy rain in southern ohio, it will roll through west virginia early this morning. we had overnight storms in st. louis. and there is another batch right behind that. so later on today, again we will see severe weather. it is mostly going to be wind damage. i don't think that we will deal much in the way of tornadoes. but 29 million people at risk. it shifted a little further to the south today, so better news if you are worried about wind damage or significant airport delays from philadelphia northward. i think that we'll deal more with that in the mid applicat-a region. this area of orange here, that is where the enhanced risk is.
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and here is the timing. so here is that rain and thunderstorms we're tracking in areas of ohio. this dies out over west virginia and then we get a new round of showers and storms that pops up later. so this is the evening commute home. there is rain in the jersey shore mostly south of new york city. showers in areas from the syracuse region through mohawk valley. and then hit and miss strong storms to the south. and by the time we get to about 8:00 p.m., everything is kind of gone. so it is not like a rainout type day, it will be in, out and then done. and then wednesday, the storm still lingers with a few showers around philadelphia and d.c. won't be until thursday until we get a dry day completely in the mid-atlantic region. so traveling today, i'm optimistic new york city may not be horrible. i think d.c. has a better chance of that especially between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. today. anyone doing any driving on 95 obviously you could get in some of that rain especially as we go
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south of philadelphia. so it will be a travel delay type day. but i don't think that it will be horrendous. not like i think last wednesday we had a lot of cancellations. >> i'm glad we're being optimistic about new york city travel. >> even on a good day it is tough. >> they cancel when there is like a little sprinkle. >> thanks, bill. donald trump has made a lot of false or misleading claims during his time as president. according to an ongoing analysis by the "washington post" as of last monday august 5th, his 928th day in office, president trump had made 12,019 false or misleading claims. that averages out to about 13 such claims per day and the pace is actually picking up. the president made his 10,000th back on april 26 and has averaged 20 a day since then. per the analysis, one fifth are
2:19 am
about immigration including 190 times his most repeated false claim that his desired border wall is actually being built. what a milestone. >> and we'll see how the pace continues. still ahead, hong kong's leader says it is being pushed to the brink of no return as protests continue at the airport disrupting a busy international hub. we'll get a live report from hong kong next. this is the couple who wanted to get away who used expedia to book the vacation rental that led to the ride ♪ which took them to the place where they discovered that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. ♪ flights, hotels, cars, activities, vacation rentals. expedia. everything you need to go. expedia. we're going all in thion strawberries.ra,
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welcome back. thousands of protestors shut down hong kong's international yesterday. china began amassing a para military force. the response came after the sharp 23increase of protestors. it prompted authorities to cancel all flights. and advise travelers to leave affecting tens of thousands of passengers. >> joining us now from hong kong, matt bradley. talk to us about the scene today. >> reporter: well, earlier there were a couple thousand protestors down in the arrival lounge. they have since migrated up here to the departures area. and now they are all sitting here occupying the area in front of all the check-in counters over here. they have taken luggage trolleys
2:23 am
and used them as barricades to try to prevent passengers from checking into their flights. this is a deliberate attempt to try to shut down the airport again. that would be unprecedented, one of the busiest airports in the world shut down two days in a row. there has already been hundreds of flights canceled this morning. so this is a problem that could have a thknock-on effect to the economy. and i'm trying to get home for my sister's wedding this weekend and i'm worried that i'm not going to make it. >> we hope that you do make it. you can get out by boat? joking aside for a moment, the concern going forward obviously is that chinese officials may begin to crack down on this. the government may use that paramilitary force to crack down on this in a much more aggressive way. they have already labeled it terrorism. some people seeing that as an ominous sign of what might come.
2:24 am
how do you see this playing out between the protestors' will and what the chinese government is preparing to do? >> reporter: yeah, it is a really dangerous situation because i've been speaking to the protestors now for several weeks they have been staring down the cops in the face of tear gas, in the face of violence and they say to china bring it on. they don't care. a lot even told me they are willing to die for this cause. that might sound like youthful bravado, but we have to remember we've seen them already in confrontations with the police on the streets of hong kong. they seem like they are willing to sacrifice everything. and the problem here is that this is a leader less movement. there is no one to negotiate with. so hong kong officials can't just make concessions and expect everybody to get off the street. these people are guided by telegram and other social media services. so it will be hard to placate them. >> matt bradley live in hong kong for us. thanks.
2:25 am
global markets are under pressure as hopes for the u.s. and china striking a deal on trade appear to be trading. stocks kicked the week off in the red. the dow shed another 389 points closing below the 26,000 mark. the ongoing trade tensions between washington and beijing coupled with falling bond yields have sparked renewed concerns among investors of a global recession. also weighing on markets, the ongoing protests we just covered with matt bradley, markets in asia were low he beinger across board. up next, a look at the morning's top stories including failures at the federal jail that allowed jeffrey epstein to take his own life. and vowing to sue over the law credited with helping to save the bald eagle. ing to save the bald eagle. johnson & johnson is a baby company.
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welcome back, everybody. it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the top stories. attorney general bill barr has pledged a thorough investigation into what he called the failure at the federal jail where jeffrey epstein was able to kill himself. we're now learning that epstein was not checked every 30 minutes as required. that is according to one official briefed on the case. and according to three prison officials, one of the two people guarding epstein the night that he took his life was not an
2:30 am
official corrections officer. meanwhile the chairman and ranking member of the house judiciary committee has sent a letter demanding answers. french officials are also calling for an investigation into epstein's activities since he also maintained a residence in paris. and senior law enforcement tells nbc news that the fbi is searching epstein's home on his private island in the u.s. virgin islands. a heavily armed man who spurred chaos at a walmart last week has been released on $10,000 bail. the 20-year-old was arrested after filming himself wearing body armor and carrying a loaded military style rifle. the man told police it was part of a, quote, social experiment to test his second amendment rights. prosecutors have charged him with making a terrorist threat. the judge scolded the man in court for his actions and issued this stern warning, experiment with me and you will be right back in jail.
2:31 am
two centrist democrats have come out in favor of the assault weapons ban. a new jersey congresswoman and colorado congresswoman describe their support as both veterans and parents to young children and warn that mass shootings will continue unless, quote, we stop the easy access to weapons of war. and in california just weeks after a mass shooting in the city of gilroy, a new city ordinance was introduced in san jose that would require gun owners to either obtain insurance for their firearm os pay a fee. if passed, it would mandate all gun owners obtain liability insurance. and republicans in texas are placing for a tough election cycle as the party continues to show signs of distress.
2:32 am
the effects of texas' changing tide from conservative bedrock to political battleground. while latinos are on pace to become the state's largest population by 2022, bill hurd says if the republican party doesn't start look like texas, there wouldn't be a republican party in texas. there are at least eight house seats at play in the state with others facing competitive re-election races. and in oregon, governor kate brown says she would support a law requiring all candidates including president trump to release their tax returns in order to appear on the primary election ballot. brown's comments fall in line with a law in california, that law has already been challenged by lawsuits from trump's campaign and the rnc. president trump and mitch mcconnell have teamed up branding themselves back to back supreme court chants for a new joint fund raising campaign.
2:33 am
shirts feature the silhouette of trump and mcconnell on the front and the names of supreme court justices gorsuch and kavanaugh on its sleeves. it is available for supporters who make a donation of $35 or more. the site reads, president trump and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell just keep winning. adding the shirts are intended to, quote, drive liberals crazy. it is part of a renewed effort by gop leadership to focus on judicial nominations in an effort to appeal to republican voters. the "washington post" reporting according to 2016 exitle polls, 26% of trump voters said supreme court nominations were the most important factor in their vote. joining us now from washington, andrew is back with us. what has the response been like to the newly rolled out campaign shirts supporting president trump and mitch mcconnell and the fact that they are despite a
2:34 am
lot of the policies that have gone through like you were talking about earlier, the deficit and things that normally would upset conservatives, this is one that they can say this is a win for you guys. >> that's right. a lot of republicans sort of held their nose in 2016 to vote for donald trump knowing that lot of these conservative priorities including remaking the federal judiciary, making it more conservative over time would be something that they would get out of a donald trump presidency. and that is something that mitch mcconnell has been particularly successful at. so i think that it is reflective of that, what is a top priority not just for republican lawmakers, but republican primary voters as well. >> and i think this is an effort for them to hold on to the swing vote it seems. because if they are vying for people that didn't necessarily want to vote for trump the first time around are feeling the same way this time around, they want to remind them of the conservative justices now in place. let's circle back to jeffrey epstein's death here.
2:35 am
what kind of changes that this could spur for the justice system as attorney general bill barr is investigating? >> well, the primary focus will obviously be on the bureau of prisons. apparent lack of protocols being followed. you mention the fact that he was apparently left look for multiple hours which was a significant break of protocol in a prison where he was supposed to be monitored every 30 minutes. but from a capitol hill perspective, democrats are already calling on the house oversight committee to launch an investigation into this issue. you guys just mentioned that the house judiciary committee, chairman and ranking member, have sent a letter to the chief of the bur roy eau of prisons a for more information. and lawmakers particularly from the state of florida where the 2008 plea deal was struck have taken an intense interest in this matter and other lawmakers who sit on those two very powerful panels with subpoena
2:36 am
power and they will look to get answers on this pretty soon. >> all right. andrew, thank you. so president trump is reacting to a deadly nuclear accident in russia saying that it is, quote, not good. reports indicate that mysterious explosion that released radiation off the coast of northern russia is believed to have stemmed from a test of a new type of nuclear propelled cruise missile. the incident is possibility one of the worst nuclear accidents in russia since chernobyl. at least seven people have died. yesterday the president tweeted the united states is learning much from the failed missile explosion in russia. we have similar though more advanced technology. the skyfall explosion has people worried about the air around the facility. >> and the president also spoke with britain's new prime minister boris johnson yesterday. they discussed a wide range of issues including trade and global security. it comes as national security adviser john bolton is in the uk for meetings with officials
2:37 am
after meeting with the prime minister, bolton told reporters that the white house enthusiastically supports brexit adding, quote, we're with you. still ahead, the trump administration takes new action overrules aimed at protecting endangered species. how it could threaten sefrt tho keep them from going extinct. s o keep them from going extinct abo, frankly, you're missing out. uh... the mobile app makes it easy to manage your policy, even way out here. your marshmallow's... get digital id cards, emergency roadside service, even file a... whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa! oops, that cheeky little thing got away from me. my bad. geico. it's easy to manage your policy whenever, wherever. can i trouble you for another marshmallow?
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2:41 am
particular species making it more difficult to protect wildlife from extinction and climate change. >> the law says it is illegal to consider cost. and the trump administration is trying to pretend that they will just compile and analyze the information but they won't actually consider it. and i doubt that there are ten people in the world who believe that an agency that compiles and analyzes and focuses on that information is going to ignore it when it comes to making a decision about whether to protect the species. >> so the new rules go into effect next month and could likely clear the way for new mining, oil and gas drilling and development in areas where protected species live. wildlife groups and democratic lawmakers are promising to challenge the new rules. let's get a check of your weather again. >> two stories today. one is that we'll have significant delays and severe
2:42 am
storms around washington, d.c. and the other one is we're really roasting in the south. yesterday it was very hot, today should be the peak of the heat wave in a few locations. so the big headline today is severe storm storms especially for richmond, washington, d.c., all the way down to the border of north carolina. that is where we could get stronger storms that could produce significant wind damage and large hail. a thunderstorm threat from nashville through portions of north carolina. philadelphia and new york city, you will get moderate rain, but we don't think that you will get severe storms. and 76 million people under either heat advisories, watches. in this area of pink from memphis down to the gulf coast, an excessive heat warning including just about all of the state of mississippi, northern louisiana, portions of arkansas and alabama. it will feel 110 to 115. look at montgomery, temperature about 99 in the shade, feel lick 112. getting very warm and humid in the southeast too. charlotte will feel like 102.
2:43 am
dallas yesterday was very hot. today it will be 103 with a heat indices of 111. and a lot of schools started yesterday in the south too. i know in florida and a lot of other locations. so you can imagine how uncomfortable that is especially with the fall sports season starting. and even tomorrow it is not that much lower. memphis cools off a bit, but even atlanta still will feel like 103 and charleston, south carolina, it will feel like 112. so the forecast today on and off showers and storms from de.c. northwards. hopefully airport delays won't be too bad. chicago, great day for you. no problems in denver. many areas of the west are warm, but not many issues. so hopefully the airport delays won't be too bad, but if you are from washington, d.c. to the rich hand aremond area, could h sized storms. >> and so amidst all of this
2:44 am
weather, this thought that on the horizon is fall. and with fall -- >> nothing says fall -- >> -- a pumpkin spiced latte. so starbucks is gearing up for that. they have not officially announced the launch date, but we are on the edge of our seats waiting. business insider reports that the drink will hit menus on august 27th, a day earlier than last year. and earliest official launch date for the fall staple yet. >> there was some good news out of this. dunkin donuts says they will bring in apple cider munchkins and they will go a week early on. >> there arare some things that should wait until october or like the fall. and halloween stores should not start selling before october 1st. >> disagree. it gets you excited.
2:45 am
>> isn't the rule nowadays you buy four costumes and then figure it out? >> yeah, basically. look at this, bill karins at the desk with us. how is it working? >> thanks, bill. >> one time, that is it. still ahead, an extraordinary look at the opoid epidemic gripping the country and the origins of that crisis. and stocks are getting hammered once again on glowing concerns about the strength of the growing economy. johnson & n is a baby company. but we're also a cancer fighting, hiv controlling, joint replacing, and depression relieving company. from the day you're born we never stop taking care of you.
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a data base maintained by the drug enforcement administration that tracks the path of every pain pill sold reveals that from 2006 through 2012, when nearly 100,000 americans died as a result of opoids, the nation's largest drug companies flooded the country with more than 76 billion pain kills which account for three quarters of the total opoid bill shipments to pharmacies. according to the "post" nearly half were purchased by just 15% of drug stores. and look at the pharmacies with the most pills per person based on population.
2:49 am
highlights one in clinton county, kentucky which purchased nearly 6.8 million pills that contained hydrocodone and o oxycodo oxycodone, enough to give 96 pills each year to every person in the county of roughly 10,000 residents. >> that is a disturbing and staggering statistic. there is a lingering hope for a trade deal with the u.s. and china. is it safe to say that trade deal is not happening at this point? and if so, what could that mean for the markets moving forward that this is a new realty? >> yeah, i think if you look at the analysis being put out by all of the major banks in terms. time line, goldman sachs predicting that there won't be any kind of deal between now and the 2020 presidential election. in terms of what that means for the markets, i can tell you that
2:50 am
yesterday we saw a relatively mixed close in asia. we saw stock bes here in europe down and of course we saw u.s. markets quite significantly down. today so far asian markets have closed, they are in the red. european markets trading in the red and u.s. markets before they open up on your side of like they'll open lower. we had some interesting finance executives here at cnbc in europe this morning talking about obviously the fact that the u.s./china trade spat is a major challenge. it is precipitating the economic slowdown that could become irreparable to the global economy. also they're talking about not only the concerns about the current spat between beijing and washington but also anticipatory fears about a future conflict between brussels and washington. that's why we're seeing a lot of money moving out of the equities. >> the bond markets are offering a potential signal of a looming recession which is only occur --
2:51 am
which has only occurred three times in history. the last one back in 2007. how close to recession are we? >> well, some of the people i have been speaking to are saying 12 to 18 months is a fair bet, of course. very hard to predict the recession. if you could you'd make a lot of money out of it. in terms of the bond market it is significant. people are essentially trying to buy safety. they're putting their money into government bonds like u.s. treasuries and saying pay me a bit of interest on the money i'm loaning to you to the government and the interest is getting lower and lower as the demand for the safe havens is growing. here in europe we have people paying for the privilege of parking their money with the government. apartheid rather leave it there than invest in companies. when we have seen the changes in the way the yields -- as the interest is known reflects the prices in the bond market it has in the past indicated a recession. >> all right. willem marx live in london, thanks. coming up, axios' mike allen
2:52 am
has a look at the "1 big thing" and coming up on "morning joe" the mounting questions over jeffrey epstein's apparent suicide. nbc news' tom winter will have the latest on what the officials are saying in the hours leading up to his death. and "the miami herald" julie kay brown will have the latest into the investigation on his private island. plus mazie hirono joins the conversation on the latest steps to curb immigration. and tom steyer will discuss his bid to unseat trump. "morning joe" is just moments away. "morning joe" is just moments away but we're also a cancer fighting, hiv controlling, joint replacing, and depression relieving company. from the day you're born we never stop taking care of you. it's how we care for our cancer patients- like job. when he was diagnosed with cancer, his team at ctca created a personalized care plan to treat his cancer and side effects.
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we never stop taking care of you. all right. welcome back, everyone. joining us from washington, d.c. to look at axios a.m., the cofounder of axios, mr. mike allen. >> good morning. >> what is the "1 big thing" for us? >> the axios "1 big thing" is the great global decoupling, all signs are pointing to a decades long battle between the united states and china. a new cold war, the trade fights
2:56 am
that we have been having are just one skirmish in this bigger war. so what do we mean by the great global decoupling? decoupling is the two systems becoming rival powers. rather than working together, cooperating, they become total -- two totally different systems. we're seeing the leading edge of this with the internet. we kind of two internets right now. the one in the west that is much more open and free. and then the great fire wall of china where it's much more closed. we'll see those fights not just in tech, not just in trade, but also going on throughout the economy. >> you know, mike, it's interesting because i remember about a decade or so ago we were having conversations talking about when china was going to surpass the united states in becoming the economic world power and now obviously with president trump and the trade war that's going on between the u.s. and china, how much is president trump playing into this new cold war as you're talking about? >> well, what's fascinating
2:57 am
about this is china now is using the trade war as an excuse to blame the u.s. for its own problems. so the economy is slowing down in china, which was happening before the trade war. and also the -- the weeks we have seen now of protests in hong kong, more and more china is saying the u.s. has a role in that, so it's part of encouraging its own people to enlist in this war. bill bishop of cynicism told me for this piece that xi and the leaders have concluded that china was too dependent on the u.s. for trade and agriculture. and so they're deliberately pulling back and that's something that won't change even if the trade war is papered over. >> hey, mike, let me get your thoughts because i know axios has some new insight into what ivanka trump is up to these days. you have some new reporting on
2:58 am
that. >> yeah. so this is surprising. so jonathan swan reported over the weekend that the conservatives in president trump's very close orbit were worried that he actually would do something on gun control, that he talked a little bit about it as we saw here on the show. pulled back. now here's another sign that the white house might be serious about making some move after labor day. axios' alina treene said that ivanka trump is testing the waters and what they might support. she spoke with manchin and who has the background check bill with toomey of pennsylvania and she talked about how would you need to change it to pass, not signaling a white house position. but when ivanka trump calls people know that she has the ear of the president. and know that the iceberg might be cracking. >> how about this, we'll believe
2:59 am
it when we see it. let's turn to 2020 here and something that's becoming more apparent. joe biden's blunders to say the least. how is this playing out? >> yeah, so the biden campaign will tell you this is an issue more on -- on twitter and on cable tv than it is out in the states but axios has a 2020 attention tracker and we are using data about interactions with facebook and twitter to figure out what the online conversation is. and the good news for the biden campaign is that joe biden dominated last week all other candidates. in fact, he had more online activity than any other candidate since june. but the bad news it was all about the gaffes and the blunders. the increasing attention to him saying in houston when he -- him saying houston when he meant el paso so he got more interactions
3:00 am
than anyone except for beto o'rourke last week. beto of course in his hometown of el paso. so this is a sign of how the conversation online can differ from conversation out on the trail. >> and you get a sense that the trump administration is going to be using that as ammunition as the election -- >> we have seen the president talk about not playing with a full deck. >> thanks, mike. we'll be reading axios a.m. in a bit and you can sign up by going to >> that does it for us on a tuesday morning. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin. "morning joe" starts right now. back in iowa kamala harris debuted a new campaign bus with her name on the side. look at this thing. whoa. bill de blasio is riding in something similar but across the side it


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